Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've Officially Joined the Youtube Family

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I'm no stranger to YouTube, trust me.  Some of the funniest videos can be found there, including the "Four Wheels of Fury!" Toyota/World of Warcraft commercial, and one of my favorites, "The Emperor's Phone Call", where Emperor Palpatine, in full claymation glory, receives a phone call from Darth VaderAdult Swim finally decided to host this video on their own site after a zillion people posted it on YouTube.
Today, my daughter decided to use my point-and-shoot camera to take a video of our new kitten playing.  I decided to share it with friends, and since YouTube cheerfully lets me host videos there, I uploaded it.  I am now the proud owner of a video on YouTube. The quality is about as good as you can get for a point-and-shoot camera being held by a child excited about her new kitten, but all things considered, unless you're a curmudgeon who doesn't like kittens, you'll probably enjoy the enthusiasm that only an 8 week old kitten can have.  So, have fun watching Jake playing.

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H Niyazi said...

Awesome Jae!! Joey has a new friend!!

Or should I say "ai haz nu frend" because that is the way we cat people communicate :)


Jae Onasi said...

Hehe--Joey is remarkably patient until Jake gets a bit too big for his britches. Then, Joey just lays down on him to keep the kitten from biting his ears and tail.

They're getting on just fine in general, however, and are even grooming each other at times, which is always a good sign that adjusting to each other very well.