Sunday, July 15, 2012

Confessions of a Geeky Mom moving to Wordpress!

Hi all! I've moved my blog over to WordPress. That decision wasn't done lightly, because I really like Blogger. However, having worked with WordPress for about 8 months with, I found I really like a lot of the features they have there.

All my posts got transferred over to the WordPress site very quickly, as did all your comments--this may or may not be a comfort to you, of course. Come join me over there and feel free to leave comments on the new site!

Here is the link to the new site: Confessions of a Geeky Mom.

I posted a tutorial on how to make zucchini bread, for those of you who love the veggie and have too many of them growing in your yard right now.

Thank you for following me here and leaving comments! I love hearing from all of you!